Module 3 Discussion

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 Chapter 1 of this text book describes four change arenas to facilitate Homeland Security as Legal Initiatives, Science and Technology, Information Sharing and Systems, and International Cooperation. List and discuss what you think are the most important 5 elements from these four change arenas. You should explain why you think each are important.  Please list each separately 1-5 in your post. 


  • Homeland Security and Terrorism 2nd Edition, Larry Gaines, Janine Kremling, and Victor Kappeler, Pearson Publishing, ISBN-9780134549170 (See First Day Inclusive Access Program details below)
  • A Practitioner’s Way Forward: Terrorism Analysis, Brannen, Darken, and Strindberg, Agile Press, ISBN-0983074569 or 978-0983074564

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