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How can Borgess-Lee hospital  resources out to the community 

Examples Rides (transportation) Mental health,Clinics,Nursing home

I downloaded the Capstone Project Rubic please follow the outline.

Chapter 1 Introduction Criterion

• Introduction – states general nature of problem
• Identifies project as quality or leadership focused project
• Background – briefly describes general context of the topic
• Statement of the problem – ‘Therefore the problem/topic addressed in this study is…’
• Purpose of the study – describes specific objectives of the study, related to the problem described above.
• Rationale – Ties together the identified problem, the purpose/goal of the study, and identifies how the writer intends the results will be used to accomplish identified goals.
• Research questions – lists 2-4 specific research questions/objectives for the study.
• Nature of the study – identifies method of study to be used (descriptive, relational, causal, exploratory, or predictive}
• Significance of the study – personal, professional, and/or research.
• Definition of terms
• Assumptions and Limitations

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