Mohamed Chehaima, health and medicine homework help

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I need a well written essay contain Five Paragraphs about my experience with working with my group for the presentation and Who was the leader? How often did we meet? What would i do differently? How did you all perform in the presentation?

and here is some information about my group

my group was four members 1-Mohamed Chehaima 2-LaShaunta Lusk 3-Khalid Zalbani 4-me. our leader was Mohamed Chehaima. and our topic is about Stress Management . and our group was number one. and we only share our info on text massage and we did not meet, and we did our PowerPoint online, each one of us added something on the slides that he is going to talk about in the presentation.

# I only need two pages or one and half

# please make the essay simple and easy to understand.

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