More Than Words” and “Who Will Lead Us?”

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  • Select which
    leadership theory most accurately describes your current or future
    approach to leadership. Based on the selected theory, give one (1) example
    from your personal or professional life when your leadership was effective
    and one example when your leadership was not effective. Reflect on a
    lesson that you learned from the ineffective leadership experience which
    you could apply to similar situations in the future.
  • Consider a conflict
    that you or someone that you know is currently experiencing at work. Using
    the conflict process discussed in the text, recommend an approach for
    resolving the conflict. Propose the conflict management techniques that
    you believe would be most effective to achieve the desired outcome(s) of
    your recommendation.

Please provide at least 5 -7 sentence to each bullet point and add references. Please keep bullet point and there answers together. If you can’t open the links above please let me know.

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