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Throughout  this course, you have been developing a plan to motivate your employees  at Hometown Cars by investing in your team, setting goals, giving  feedback, and using competition and rewards. Now it is time to bring all  those pieces together to create a final motivational game plan for  Hometown Cars. 


Hometown Cars  has suffered challenges over the last several months since the previous  general manager left the organization. Because the company did not have  a succession plan in place, the sales manager, service manager, and  parts manager attempted to run the organization on their own, without  real leadership and without feeling fully empowered to make decisions.  As a result, sales have been down company-wide, and there have been  several personnel issues surrounding lack of motivation. As the new  general manager, you have been developing a motivational game plan for  Hometown Cars that includes investing in your team, giving feedback and  setting goals, and using competition and rewards in order to motivate  your employees. 


Complete your  Motivational Game Plan and submit it to the CEO of Hometown Cars for  review. The final game plan brings together the parts you previously  developed and identifies a strategy for using motivation to build  leaders at Hometown Cars. Label the parts of your plan as indicated in  these instructions: Summary Summarize  in 1–2 paragraphs how you will apply Part 1 of your Motivational Game  Plan – Investing in Your Team Members. Include satisfying intrinsic and  extrinsic needs. Goal Setting and Feedback In 1–2  paragraphs, summarize how you will apply Part 2 of your Motivational  Game Plan – Goal Setting and Feedback. Explain how feedback and  backwards planning to set goals are used to motivate the Hometown Cars  teams. Competition and Rewards In 1–2  paragraphs, summarize Part 3 of your Motivational Game Plan, how you  will use Competition and Rewards to motivate the teams. Building Leaders +Complete this part of your assignment in 1–2 pages.  Briefly explain why customizing your strategy is motivational.  Develop three  strategies that you propose Hometown Cars will use to build leaders in  the future. These strategies should help the team avoid what happened  when the last general manager left, and the company started to decline.  You can use any or all of the strategies addressed in the Coach’s Huddle  from Week 10. Each strategy should include the following information: The category: Challenging people, rotating leadership, professional development, mentoring, or succession planning. The details on how that strategy will be carried out. An explanation of how that strategy will affect motivation at the company.

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