My first informative topic will be how to take hygienic measures to combat the coronavirus

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Full paragraph college level papers will be required for each written assignment. Papers must
be typed, double-spaced, use 1-inch margins, and adhere to accepted grammatical and APA or
MLA standards.

  1. Speech Outlines. Your informative and persuasive speeches require a 500 words
    outline detailing the structure of your speech and the most important
    points/arguments as well as their respective sources and references in APA or MLA
  2. Reality-Checks. You will be required to submit several Reality-Check assignments,
    discussing a topic covered in class and applying it to your life or a communication
    situation you have experienced. This assignment helps you apply communication
    theories to real-life situations and enhances your reflective and analytical skills. It must
    contain at least 500 words. APA or MLA style
  3. This is the steps:
  4. SPC1017 Rubric: Informative Speech
    Visual aids (if used)
  5. Clear + supportive / appropriate duration / correct spelling
    Attention getter: gained and established audience interest
    Reason to listen: established relevance
    Speaker credibility
    Preview main points
    Main points clear
    Covered the topic fully, was easy to understand
    Smooth transitions
    Prepared audience (signposting)
    Restatement of thesis
    Summary and restatement of main points
    Reason to remember/closing statement
    Delivery (nonverbal)

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