need 10 pages proposal

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ilovepdf_merged (2).pdf I need 10 pages proposal for this summary down here, pleas write it the same style and the same sections such as the example on the file I attached : 

Summary : 

I am proposing to work with Foot Locker to design, build and operate a new branch at Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia. At our new branch we looking for new ideas that would make Foot Locker much popular all over Middle East. Foot Locker knowing as one of the best provider for sportswear, sneakers and sneakers cleaner. We focused in our business on young men and women who are interested in this area. Foot Locker will take four months to become fully operational. I am a student at Morgan State University in Business Management major who is interested on sneakers and sportswear as an investor in this field.

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