Need an research paper on analysing and presenting a building report. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on analysing and presenting a building report. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Archer (2005) stated that the shallow foundation transfers the load of buildings to the earth that is often very near to the surface. It does not transfer the load to a subsurface layer or other range of depths as done by the deep foundation. A shallow foundation is in the form of a spread footing foundation, slab on grade foundation, mat-slab foundation, and earthbag foundation. An overview of the stated shallow foundations has been discussed as follows.

Spread Footing Foundation- Spread footing foundation is commonly found in residential buildings and includes a wider bottom portion than the load-bearing foundation wall supported by it. Additionally, the wider part helps n spreading the weight of the structure over larger areas for a greater degree of stability resulting in greater benefits over a period of time.

Mat-Slab Foundation- It is also called on-grade foundations for soils that are often expansive and used to distribute wall loads across the total area of buildings in order to lower the contact pressure. Mat-slab foundation can be constructed near the ground surface and also at the bottom of the basements as per the need and requirements.

Slab on Grade Foundation- these kinds of foundations use a concrete slab that is used to serve as the foundation for the structure that is formed from a mold set mainly into the ground. The concrete is placed on the mold and no space is left between the ground and structure. These kinds of structures are mainly seen in warmer areas where ground freezing is quite less.

Earthbag Foundation- In this kind of foundation, construction begins by digging a trench down to the mineral subsoil, and bags are filled with the available materials and placed into the trench to form the foundation. The digs into the bag’s weave prevent slippage of layers along with preventing and resisting the tendency of outward expansion of walls. A traditional kind of roof can also be made using this foundation.

Harris (2010) stated that wall insulation is any kind of insulating material that has been used on or within the wall.

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