Need an research paper on aspects of european and portuguese exploration and colonization. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on aspects of european and portuguese exploration and colonization. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. Also, some of the nations colonised other nations because of different reasons. For instance, some governments would occupy the weaker ones to benefit from the natural resources that were present in such countries. For example, other countries would colonise to get gold, oil as well as diamond and other minerals (Zwartjes, 2011). These minerals were then taken back to their lands in order to benefit them. This was in a bid for unique richness. It is of crucial significance to note that explorations significantly contributed to the issues of colonization. This follows that an investigation is a form of research. Therefore, the results emanating from such inquiries would offer the best opportunities for the countries to decide on the direction to take either to colonise or not colonise the nations.

It is in the historical records that the Europeans were the first colonizers. Several factors boosted Their quest to colonise other nations. The first factor that ensured the success of the Europeans in colonizing other countries was the fact that they had a strong economic base. The more robust economy enabled for more research to be conducted in several regions. This allowed Europeans to gain a lot of knowledge in the outside world. The economic power also aided in developing sophisticated software necessary for the exploration activities (Boahen, 2011). Such sophisticated and complex software was very critical in assisting the explorers in sailing, as well as know the directions. This was very helpful since they could, therefore explore further without the fear of getting lost. Other than the economic strength, the Europeans also had a strong military. This was supplied with sophisticated machinery that could help when any form of war or violence arose following their quest to conquer a place (Zwartjes, 2011). This aided the success of exploration and colonization.

It is of critical significance to note that it is recorded in historical records that the Portuguese were the first colonizers from the European continent (Boahen, 2011). Several factors informed the colonisation by the Portuguese. Some explorers wanted to be famous so that their names to be recognised for a very long time in history. The other reasons that informed the explorations included the desire to have new trade routes. The investigations were also championed by the fact that there was growing power as well as wealth amongst the European nations.

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