Need an research paper on ecology, feminism, and the concern of religious women. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on ecology, feminism, and the concern of religious women. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Ecological feminism is a theory that combines feminist ideals and motivations with a concern with preserving the world through ecological perspectives. Warren and Cheney write that “Ecological feminism is a feminism which attempts to unite the demands of the women movement with those of the ecological movement in order to bring about a world and worldview that are not based on socioeconomic and conceptual structures of domination”.

The marriage of the women’s movement and ecological interests is not new and can be seen in many cultures, including in Brazil where the women’s movement and the landless people movement grew together in order to support the concept of living off of the land in a communal and freedom based environment that was contextually absent of consumerist interests. This was done in order to support the weak and the marginalized in a meaningful and bountiful way. It may be that the problems within the environment are some of the most serious problems that are being faced in the 21st century as the economy and the act of working are based upon consumerism which often strips resources and fundamentally changes ecological systems both nonhuman and human. The idea of ecological feminist movements is often based upon practical solutions to social problems wherein the shadow of patriarchy and male dominance, alternatives to participation in economies where there are disadvantaged women find ways in which to focus on less economically based roots of survival.

The traditions of India were always based upon ecological principles in which sustainability was a driving force behind decision-making in relation to resources. Religious texts such as the Vedas and Puranas supported environmental ethics as well as the Advaita philosophy that “acquires a cosmic character as it considers all living beings to be God’s creation” This is the basis of Indian belief systems that place importance on reverence for the Earth. However, industrialization and the formation of larger cities as centers of employment have led to deforestation and the disruption of what had been carefully attended ecologies, specifically affecting women who depend more on the natural world for their sustenance and methods of earning a living.

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