Need an research paper on my personal philosophy of teaching within education- existentialist. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on my personal philosophy of teaching within education- existentialist. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Each of these theories has its own merits and demerits and one can never say that any one of these philosophies of education is complete or consistent enough. Even though educational practice integrates good aspects of all these theories, teachers and practitioners of education tend to prefer one theory over the other based on individual perceptions. As a teacher, I strongly believe that education should enhance the personal identity of each student. it should foster the learners’ free thinking and personal level of responsibility, and, in my opinion, the existential philosophy best suits these primary goals of education.

My interest in existentialism prompted me to find out the various definitions of the school of philosophy. Existentialists believe that ‘existence precedes essence’ and state that “man exists and in that existence man defines himself and the world in his own subjectivity, and wanders between choice, freedom, and existential angst” (Existentialism: Philosophy, philosophers, readings, articles). It is evident from the definition that the existence of each man is subjective and each one needs to resort to self-definitions on issues like freedom, choice, and existential anguish. The existential anguish stems from the alien, isolated and absurd existence of man, and only through overcoming these obstacles the learner can develop an authentic self-what Nietzsche calls the sovereign individual.

One of the major drawbacks of present-day education is that it fails to develop original and free-thinking in the learners. Usually, there is a tendency among students to move with the current, and learners are very easily influenced by society and the people who are around them. Unless and until students are left free to think in their own unique way, I am sure that nothing creative or original will come from them. Divergent thinking should be promoted in the classroom and for this, the individuality and uniqueness of each student is to be taken into account in the teaching-learning process. My understanding of the existential philosophy of education has convinced me that it “emphasizes the uniqueness and freedom of the individual person against the herd, the crowd, or the mass society” and that it lays stress on “individual responsibility, individual personality, individual existence, and individual freedom and choice” (Existentialism). Every learner has to see and experience the world through his/ her eyes and the primary objectives of schools should be to promote this understanding among the learners.

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