Need an research paper on niccolo machiavelli: the prince or the machevil. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on niccolo machiavelli: the prince or the machevil. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. He became well-known for his adages, “It is better to be feared than to be loved” and “The end must always justify the means” (Perry p. 328). Some of the evilest leaders in the history of nations were inspired by the insights and principles of the Prince. Machiavelli’s visions and thoughts were drastically shaped by the political responsibilities of his position as a diplomat and at the same time an ambassador of Florence.

Niccolo Machiavelli was born in the flourishing city of Florence in Italy on May 3, 1469. The political environment in Italy during his birth was filled with vigour and intensity. At the age of 29, he became the second chancellor of the Florentine Republic after the downfall of the regime of Savonarola. His appointment to the commanding diplomatic position was due to his gift in espousing the importance of humanism in education. He urged the people to educate themselves on “humane disciplines” of ancient history, moral philosophy, classical studies, Latin and rhetoric. His position as a second chancellor enabled him to travel all over Europe due to his responsibilities in carrying out foreign and diplomatic relations for the Republic (Chabod p. 1). In his travels, Machiavelli became well-aware of the underlying factors governing the rise and fall of sovereigns throughout Europe. His duties as a diplomat and an ambassador gained him much knowledge on the various strategies toward triumphant leadership. His political convictions which were manifested in his works were substantially determined by the experiences he had acquired from his assignments as a diplomat and from the military incidences during his time.

The first mission of Machiavelli as a Florentine diplomat was an assignment that bestowed him of a priceless familiarity on the irony posed by his beloved hometown. He was commissioned to visit the court&nbsp.of Louis XII of France to pacify the aggravated French ruler after the tragedy in their treaty against Pisa. During his appointment with the French ruler, Machiavelli realized that Florence owns credence on its strength as a civilization was evidently in stark contrast with the realities of its military condition and resources.

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