Need an research paper on the building of an electronic dice. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on the building of an electronic dice. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. The aims and objective of this project were to create a useful device that would help me ease the performance of the dice game and more so meet the objects of the course work set by the learning institution. The quest for recreational activities is what drove me in carrying out this project of designing an electronic dice display. In addition, the fact that its manual operation can be manipulated by an expert so that this can no longer be a game of likelihood was another driving factor into this pursuing this project (HOLM & HOLM, 1967). For example, a person can employ tricks on their opponents by manipulating the dice and claiming that nothing happened.

Additionally, the players will often get tired with the continuously shaking while playing the dice since the frequent hitting of the dices on the ludo board can easily break it as it is made of glass. More so, the game may be unfair with the dices falling off the ludo board. The above problems are experienced while playing the game manually and by them being stressful, the major aim was to make the game easier, interesting and even more challenging (HOLM & HOLM, 1967).

Dice has been known for a very long time and was in existence, and was first used in Iraq as a six-sided dice around 2750 B.C. These dices were made of terracotta, with which small holes were fitted. In the same breath, dices were used by sorcerers to predict the future as they could roll it and depend on the results relayed. They would come up with a conclusion of a possible event that is most likely to occur in the coming future. In addition to the dice, there was the use of animal bones such as deer, calves, sheep, and goat’s bones as they were shaped into four sides and then one could toss four pieces, and if one got all the sides different then it symbolized an event. This is still practiced in different parts of the primitive tribes in the Arabic world. Gradually, as time went by, dice was adopted in gambling and playing games.

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