Need an research paper on the role of international organizations in global politics. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on the role of international organizations in global politics. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. These bodies are collectively known as International Organizations.

The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations (2004) defines International Organizations as “formal institutional structures transcending national boundaries which are created by a multilateral agreement among nation-states.

The main purpose of international organizations is to foster international cooperation in areas such as security, law, economic and social matters, and diplomacy.” In other words, international organizations are organizations that have global participants and therefore a global influence and mainly are either government or semi-government in nature. As the name suggests, the former refers to global organizations that have a global influence, but they are organizations without government influence of involvement, such as International Committee of the Red Cross or even certain multi-national corporations, as strictly speaking, they too fit under the definition of an international organization. The latter is the better-understood form on an international organization. Intergovernmental International Organizations refer to organizations that are made up of representatives of sovereign states from all over the globe. Examples of these organizations are famously, but naturally not confined to, the United Nations or the European Union. This essay will explore the role of international organizations in global politics in reference to the second category, with particular focus on the two examples given as well as several others.

The main purpose of International organizations is the betterment of constituent member countries. This betterment can be in the form of economic development, in providing security to nations, or food and health to under-developed countries, or in promoting general good relations between countries. This last purpose, global politics, is possibly where international organizations have the greatest influence. Although different organizations have different agendas and areas of focus their main motive is the same: international cooperation.

With the increasing popularity, importance and participation in these organizations, they have an ever-expanding say in international politics. They have a greater influence on the decisions nations take and as they are a global central link, as well as the only link between some nations, their say is generally heard and their influence considered.

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