Need an research paper on unique and special system of philosophy. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on unique and special system of philosophy. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Even though the concept is not easily outlined, it primarily involves two aspects. Firstly, it involves the general inquiry into the nature of reality, therefore, seeking to find out the principles or precepts applying to all real things. Secondly, metaphysics tries to reveal the things that are ultimately real by providing answers to the experiences of the universe. Basically, metaphysics tries to provide answers for two basic questions. what is ultimately there, and what is it like? It endeavors to make clear or help people comprehend the primal beliefs by which they interpret or see the world, for example explaining existence, space, physical objects and their attributes, and time. The metaphysis is divided into three central branches. ontology, cosmology, and epistemology.

This is a key subdivision of metaphysics, which mainly pertains to the philosophical and scientific theory of nature, being, and the things that exist in the world. According to many philosophers, ontology is a broad concept that encompasses the philosophical study of existence or being, the classes of being, and the relations therein. This philosophical field of study covers questions that concern with what entities are in existence, what entities can be perceived to be in existence, and how these entities can be classified, arranged in a hierarchy, and categorized according to their resemblances and differences. Some philosophers go beyond to explain that ontology seeks to answer whether there is another reality that exists beyond our understanding. They attempt to understand whether there is a world that exists independently free from our knowledge. In other words, ontology also encompasses topics pertaining to the structure of the universe, the significance of existing in this world, and the world beyond us. Ontology has two different positions. The first one asserts that this world exists like a mosaic, which comprises of many substances which exist independently from human thoughts, knowledge, or even experience. The second one states that this real-world is intertwined with human thoughts and experiences, therefore, does not exist individually from our knowledge.

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