Need an research paper on violence in philadelphia. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on violence in philadelphia. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. The society is headed for ethical and societal deterioration due to such criminal activities and lawlessness.

Several organizations and centers have come into action to improve the conditions of the city by improving the morale and anger-management in the youth. These intend to improve the upcoming generations and simultaneously control the violence in Philadelphia.

Apart from this, numerous pointers have also been identified by the local residents of Philadelphia through a community forum. These include law enforcement and severe penalties for those in defiance of the law. It also encourages the parental involvement in children’s lives in order to exercise control over them. Some have recognized the publicity of horrors the families of the unfortunate victims go through in order to make them realize the extent of these activities. An opinion has also arrived about controlling unwanted pregnancies by teenagers. The unwanted children have also become a factor of breeding hatred in the generations.

Philadelphia is a one of the largest and most populous cities of Northeastern United States, lying in the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania. It was once the capital of United States before the capital was shifted to Washington. Philadelphia is said to be enriched with cultural and traditional background, historical occurrences and symbolism. Philadelphia is known by other names as well like “Philly” and “City of Brotherly Love”. According to a source, “(Philadelphia) is the sixth most populous city in the US, fifth largest city area by population in the US, and the US’s fourth largest consumer media market” (Pennsylvania). It is believed that 1.5 million people reside in the city alone.

Philadelphia has contributed immensely to the American history, serving as the grounds for American Revolution and American Independence efforts initiated by Benjamin Franklin back in the 18th century.

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