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Project 1


You are a junior researcher in a small investment fund. Your boss asks you to write a quick overview of Moderna that will be used to decide whether to do more in-depth research as a potential investment.

Course Materials and Research

You will complete research on Moderna, keeping in mind the following guidelines:

Your sources should be current and come from the library, news articles, videos, and other scholarly sources.

Paraphrase the information you find, and be sure to cite your sources, using 7th ed. APA style for in-text citations and your references page.

Draw from the course materials to support the ideas you present.

Use the attached template with the headings separating elements. Create a new paragraph for each bulleted item. Write your paper in a narrative format, with indented paragraphs and no extra space between paragraphs. Do not use bullet points in your paper.

How to Set Up the Report

Use the report template provided. The template is double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point font. Your final product should be 3–5 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page. Write clearly and concisely. Your title page should include the course number, your name, and the instructor’s name.

Components of the Report

Introduction: Write an introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph of the paper and will be used to describe to the reader the intent of the paper, including the main points covered. It is important for the reader to understand the goals of the paper and what is being covered before reading the remainder of the paper. Consider writing the introduction last to ensure that it accurately reflects the main points of the paper.

Moderna Business and Purpose: Explain why Moderna was founded, what it sells, and what purpose it serves in the economy in general. 

Moderna Stakeholders: Identify the categories of stakeholders that Moderna has and the role each plays in the company and its work. 

Shaping of Moderna Business Activities: Explain how the social environment has shaped Moderna’s business. Look at social trends and how they have influenced Moderna.

Business and Government: Are there any government regulations and/or competition from other companies that have influenced the company’s products? Give a specific example.  

Financing of Moderna: How did the company finance its founding and expansion to date? 

International Trade Issues: Has Moderna faced any international trade barriers such as tariffs or quotas that have potentially affected its business? What effects has this had on the company? 

Conclusion: Write a concluding paragraph.  The conclusion summarizes the main topics discussed in the paper.

Review/Proofread Your Paper 

Read over your paper to ensure all required elements are present and that your writing expresses what you found in your research clearly and grammatically.

Submit your paper to the Assignment Folder for grading when it is ready. 

Note:  Submit only your original work, written for this course. While you should refer to your research and cite those sources in 7th ed. APA style, all writing should be your own work.  For more details, refer to the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy and the sections on academic integrity and self-plagiarism in the syllabus.

Running head: ALL CAPS FOR TITLE 1

Title of Paper

Student Name

Course Number

Instructor’s Name

Do not combine the sections of the rubrics. Keep the section headers below so that you cover every

section of the rubric. Look at the far-left column of the rubric as you are responding to each section so

that you will do your best to meet the requirements.



Start typing introduction here.

Discuss Moderna’s business and purpose

Start typing this section here.

Identify Moderna’s stakeholders

Start typing this section here.

Explain how the social environment has shaped Moderna’s business


Start typing this section here.

Explain how business and government have affected Moderna’s products

through regulation and competition

Start typing this section here.

Explain how Moderna financed its founding and expansion

Start typing this section here.


Discuss possible trade barriers that have potentially affected Moderna’s

business and the effects they could have

Start typing this section here.


Start typing this section here.


Type your reference list here and remember to use text reference in the main body

to link to this list.

References (to be used as an example)

Bumstead, D. (2009). The essentials: Sandwiches and sleep. Journals of Famous Loafers, 15(5),
565-582. doi:12.2847/CEDG.39.2.51-71 (sample of a library database peer reviewed

Christianson, H. (2004). Obesity in the 2000s. Retrieved from httpd://
(sample of Internet source article)

Hansel, G., & Gretel, D. (1973). Candied houses and unfriendly occupants. Thousand Oaks, CA:
Fairy Tale Publishing. (sample of a book such as the textbook for this class)


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Williams and Lumen Learning. (n.d.b). Introduction to Business, Name of second
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