Need help on a novel summary analysis. This is for my Chicano Studies class. I will upload the writing prompt.

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Due December 4th

For this report, you are to read a novel with a Chicano or Chicana-based theme. Your selection can be from any time period in Chicano history. You are free to choose from one of a multitude of authors, such as: Rudolfo Anaya, Sandra Cisneros, T.C. Boyle, Jose Antonio Villareal, Julia Alvarez, Victor Villaseñor, or any other author whose story contains a Chicano or Chicana-based theme.

The report is to be 5-7 pages in length. Any reports that are copied from Internet sources will be assigned a failing grade. Please use both a title page and works cited page. (Note: the title page and works cited do not count as a page of text). This report will count as 15% toward your final grade. In your works cited page, indicate the name and author of the book in this format:

Anaya, Rudolfo (1972) Bless Me Ultima. Berkeley: TQS Publications.

*****I have uploaded the full page of requirements

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