Need help with history and 2 essay questions based on U.S. history after 1960

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The two questions are based on U.S. history after 1960.  The two questions are open

To earn a passing grade, you need to write 5 paragraphs for each question.  Spelling, grammar and syntax are important,
especially because you will have a spellcheck tool at your disposal as well as
the textbook.  If you submit work with
errors such as lower case letters that begin sentences or lack of punctuation,
your grade will be lower.  If you use key
terms from the textbook, brief quotes, references to key events or important
figures, then your grade will be higher.

* No plagiarism, all work must be original.

1.  Describe two ways that
the Vietnam War affected domestic politics and culture in the United States.

2.  Name two ways in which
people changed U.S. history through their religious beliefs during the time
period 1960-2010.

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