Need help with my writing homework on 9-4. Write a 500 word paper answering; Running head: Business opportunities in Spain Business opportunities in Spain Spain is a country which has one of the topmo

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Need help with my writing homework on 9-4. Write a 500 word paper answering; Running head: Business opportunities in Spain Business opportunities in Spain Spain is a country which has one of the topmost immigration rates in the world. At present around 4 million people staying is Spain as Immigrants. Geographical position, large sized economy, barrier less borders, opportunities in agricultural and industrial sectors in Spain etc are the major reason for the immigration rates in Spain. Women have equal status with the men in Spanish society. Food security has given importance by the Spanish government. Demographic imbalance is the major problem currently Spain is facing because of the increased Immigration.

The most interesting thing I learned about Spain is the increased immigration rate. Government literally did nothing to restrict the immigration. But after 9/11 Spanish government is thinking in terms of restricting the immigration.

Social structure

“Up to the 1960s Spain had a highly traditional class structure that was dominated by agricultural workers: generally peasant farmers in the north and landless farm labourers in the south” (MSN Encarta) but, since 1960s agriculture has exhausted and the industrial development has started. Upper middle class has grown considerably during this period.

Family life

Most of the women in the family remain as house wife till 1970. But the industrial revolution has affected their life also. Most of the educated women started to work and the family life concepts were changed since then. Spanish families have much more contact with their neighbours compared to other western countries.

Food and eating habits

Spanish people normally eat lots of fish and meat. They usually take food 5 times a day. The country has a very long border with lots of fishing-harbours where you can buy fresh fish. (Eating habits in Spain)


“The Spanish are formal by culture and the handshake is still the customary form of greeting but a kiss on both cheeks is normal reserved to those known well. When invited into a private home a small gift (but not flowers), is always is always appreciated. Flowers are reserved for very special occasions” (Spain-Barcelona-Entertainment)


“In 2007, Spain imported goods valued at $370.1 billion and exported goods valued at $239.4 billion. (MSN Encarta) With the increased rate of import compared to export resulted in significant trade deficit. Motor vehicles, basic metals, fruits and vegetables are the major exported items. Agriculture is one of the significant contributors to the Spanish economy.


In the 17th century, Spain’s painters and image makers would bring forth a golden age of art.&nbsp.Religious imagery was a uniquely Spanish folk art form. Spain has contributed the first and most important isms in art. The most decisive “-isms” that would shape art in the 20th century&nbsp.was Cubism. A Spaniard, Pablo Picasso was its principal exponent.&nbsp.(THE ART OF SPAIN)


Agriculture is still one of the prominent contributors to the Spanish economy. “Spain’s leading crops are cereal grains, such as barley and wheat. alfalfa. corn. sugar beets. olives. grapes. and tomatoes. In addition, a range of other fruits and vegetables are grown in large quantities, including potatoes, oranges, peaches, melons, apples, peppers, and onions. Approximately one-fifth of agricultural production, by value, is exported” (MSN Encarta)


“Between 2003 and 2007, Thomson Reuters indexed 141,118 papers that listed at least one author address in Spain. Of those papers, the highest percentage appeared in journals classified under the heading of space science, followed by agricultural sciences and mathematics. Spains relative impact in space science, as the right-hand column indicates, was 7% above the world average for the five-year period (8.32 citations per paper for Spain versus the world mark of 7.80 cites)” (Science in: Spain, 2003-07)

Religion or Belief System

“Although more than 90 percent of the population identifies itself as Roman Catholic, only about 35 percent of Spaniards attend church regularly” (MSN Encarta) The unrestricted immigration policies has resulted in many other people from different religions immigrating into Spain.


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