Need help with my writing homework on Florida Lottery Funding for Education. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Florida Lottery Funding for Education. Write a 1250 word paper answering; A Lottery is actually a gambling game that is being run by the State in the context of the United States of America. It enjoys a Government monopoly. Various lottery games played are for example. instantaneous win by scratch games, picking three, or four numbers to match the winning number, and a range of daily games. A grand form of lottery is the Lotto promising the biggest rewards. It is played by picking the correct six numbers from a pool of balls numbered from one to fifty. The sum that the player puts at stake is usually a relatively small amount compared to other gambling games (brochures on How to Play the Florida Lottery Games 15).

It is estimated that the chance of winning is 1 in every 12 million participants. Because it’s a Government run enterprise, the lottery usually has the aim of supplementing revenue from the public just as taxes do. Thus, it is geared towards obtaining money to be used for the public good. For continuous backing and popularity, a lottery project must transparently show how the proceeds are spent. The most approved kind of spending is in the education sector. The lottery is also seen as a tapping mechanism for money that could have gone into criminal gambling establishments (Stark 22).

The money from a lottery program is appropriated as follows: payment to the prize winners, commissions and fees to vendors of the tickets, administrative expenses, the vendor gaming fees, and the rest to the public good that the government has in its plans.

Florida Lotto

Florida launched its lottery program in January 1988 after a successful constitutional amendment that was voted for by the state’s voters in the 1986 general elections. This new lottery program was aimed at enhancing education in the state through the Education Enhancement Trust Fund. Participants in the game are required to be of the minimum age of 18. The first game offering was the scratch-off game and since then, several games have been added to its portfolio (Florida Lottery Secretary’s Recognition of Creativity in Teaching 19). It has introduced higher price points, increased the volume of traditional games and seasonal promotional games.

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