Need help with my writing homework on Hypothetical situations. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Hypothetical situations. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Personal honesty is a moral standard that should guide committed and devoted engineers. With personal honesty, civil engineers will construct bridges not with the greed of making money but with the honesty of using appropriate proportionality of the required material that will enhance reputation of the engineers, longevity of the structure and safety of the users.

Secondly, engineers distinctively should practice with the mindful care of the environment. Since their area of practice and exploration is the natural environment, therefore it would make more sense if they cared for it more as a form of long-term investment. If their exploration is guided by short time gains and personal interest, then the environment is at risk of being over-exploited. This will leave the future generation with serious risks (Aristotle & Reeve, 2014). It is, therefore, arguable that the two virtues have a bearing on a wider scope of significance and inside them, there is a host virtue that will be put into practice such as avoiding bribery, ensuring public safety, fairness and conflict of interest.

Q2.In the present time of arrogance, people who have humility and full of virtues are considered as weak and timid. One of my acquaintances who had excelled in his A-level examinations had full-blown arrogance as the happiest of all the candidates who sat for those final examinations. At the same time, a classmate that did averagely on the exam was happy that he had gone through the system, which he out rightly considered as not strategic for him. He had great ideas of entrepreneurship that made him get the breakthrough. With humility and his humble stature, he employed a number of the poor and paid them honestly.

In the fullness of time, the brightest student of our time went through the system with every holiday working as the part-timer on the business empire that the failure had developed.

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