Need help with my writing homework on Kimpton Hotel Group Management. Write a 1000 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Kimpton Hotel Group Management. Write a 1000 word paper answering; The hotel had a desire of taking efforts of being environmentally friendly at higher heights. Such a move was appropriate while considering the rising numbers of high-quality products in the market, which helped to manage the environment. For this case, the hotel ventured into launching a nationwide campaign to go green without losing its customers. The firm had the challenge of balancing its corporate strategies with environmental management plans (Slye, 2015).

The Case

The hotel needed personnel, who could engineer the delivery of excellent and trendy hotel experiences and at the same time, reduce the hotel’s ecological footprints. The hotel chose Business Evolution Consulting as the project manager and the latter firm helped to formulate a plan called the Kimpton EarthCare (Slye 2015). The program so far has remarkable benefits to both the hotel group’s management and customer experience. Planning the project occurred in three phases, the first of which was of remarkable success. The remaining two faces of the project are yet to be completed. They include a recycling project and replacement of the hotel equipment including fabrics with organic materials. The two latter projects faced objection from a section of stakeholders.

Should The Hotel Group Consider Implementation Of Second and Third Projects?

In ensuring proper and reasonable arguments on the returns from investing in the two projects, there is a need for a review of fundamental lessons from the first project. The first lesson for stakeholders is the fact that the firm has a desire for excellence and the creation of a difference in approach to balance between corporate strategies and management of the environment. For such a case, it is justified all stakeholders in the corporation should consider that there has already been a past success (Silverman & Thomas, 2006).

Success is because the company put the project as a part of its vision. There is a generalized ideology for the advocacy for environmental care among the business across the globe.

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