Need help with my writing homework on Philosopher Confucius. Write a 1750 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Philosopher Confucius. Write a 1750 word paper answering; Besides teaching, Confucius most possibly invested much of his end years working on some of the classics including ‘Book of Poetry’, ‘Spring and Autumn Annals’, and ‘Yi Jing or ‘Book of Changes’.There is much understanding in this book comparable to the proverbs of Confucius through his followers, but their accuracy as being straightly from Confucius is a subject of assumption (Dawson 60-72).

Confucius came from a poor family, born in 551 B.C near the city of Qufu, the northeastern part of China at the time when the country was being portioned into feudal states. There was a belief that Confucius father divorced his first wife at an advanced age because of giving born daughters only and one handicapped son. His father again married a young girl of fifteen years who gave birth to Confucius. The relationship was referred to the child unlawful or born out of matrimonial relation. Though Confucius personal family was hardly written and mentioned, tradition says, he was an orphan and his immediate brother was a cripple. He married and inherited a son and a daughter, chosen a husband for his own daughter and also one for his niece himself. Because of his brother’s condition, he performed this family task (Fingarette 112-118).

The life of Confucius begins with a name K’ung Ch’iu who later reflected a great sign about social philosophies that emphasized private and legislative decency. Confucius beliefs outlined a moral and different ethical philosophy. His followings later diverted his teachings into a directory of highly structured moral rules. After being self-educated, he got expertise in the six defined contemporary disciplines of arts like customs, music, archery, chariot-driving, calligraphy and math. He also became familiar with history and poetry that allowed him to begin a bright teaching career in his thirties of life. Confucius realized education a strong process of continuous self-improvement. Seeing public service having the high significance of education and that required for concern of Chinese social structures like family, institutions,&nbsp.society, state, and kingdom, he tried to publicize his policies while serving in government posts but that attracted a little concern.

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