Need help with my writing homework on Signals and Noise. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Signals and Noise. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Information source and input transducer: At this stage, there is a transducer that converts physical quantity, e.g. sound into an electrical portion (signal). The electrical signal from the transducer is fed into the transmitter.Transmitter: This section has the following stages.RF Amplifier: The generated signal at the transducer is so weak that it needs to be amplified. The movement is amplified to the required power before passed through the modulator.Modulator. Modulation is the process of combining the signal and frequency carrier for transmission.Stage 3(Local oscillator) generates a steady sine wave that is mixed with the signal in the process of modulation. The password can be amplitude modulated or frequency modulated. The frequency of continuous sine wave from the oscillator determines the frequency of transmission.3 Frequency Generator: This is an oscillator that generates a pure and steady sine wave. The constant sine wave is combined with the signal from the microphone in the process of modulation. It determines the frequency of the transmitted signal.RF Power Amplifier: At this stage, the modulated signal is amplified into the required power for transmission. This is done to ensure that the transmitted signal reaches the receiver even though there is power loss in the free space.

Channel. The channel, in this case, is free space. The signal is transmitted into the open space where the antenna of the receiver detects it.

4 Receiver: This stage can receive the weak signal from the free space and process the call. &nbsp.It generally consists of a pre-selector and amplifier stage. The pre-selector is a broadly tuned bandpass filter with an adjustable center frequency that is tuned to the desired frequency. The primary purpose of the pre-selector is to provide enough initial band limiting to prevent a specific unwanted radio frequency.

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