Need help with my writing homework on Two Coaches Who Worked Closely Together. Write a 500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Two Coaches Who Worked Closely Together. Write a 500 word paper answering; Either, they should be able to command respect from their teams (Stier, 2004). At the end of it all, it sums up to boost their performances in their field of concern.


Jack is a married man. His close ties to Terri would contemplate a brewing mutual attraction. This situation would compromise the integrity of Jack as he might be deemed, infidel. Eventually, the perception might narrow the player-coach relationship which would otherwise be reflected in the performance of the team. However, it would be prudent for the administration to be concerned about the relationship between the two coaches.


Extracting information from the athletics director might be much easier than from Jack or Terri. It is the responsibility of the director to be aware of what might be going on with his juniors.


The board member is acting properly since the subject at hand has not yet been affirmed. Confronting the coaches with such issues, when indeed there was no intimate relationship between them, would tantamount to fear for each other and this will directly project on their performance since it would amount to psychological imbalance hence create a distraction.


The situation requires a tactical approach, one which would address the problem without unnecessarily raising an alarm to staff members and students. In regard to this, it would be sufficient to invite both the coaches for a dialogue, to sensitize them on the ongoing insinuations and highlight the effects of it (Stier, 2004). They should be advised to act in a manner that does not compromise their dignity in the eyes of their profession.


It takes both parties, in this case, both coaches, to develop the affiliation for one another. Maybe, it could not have been a mutual attraction but, the coaches would have realized that such affiliated relationships can easily be misinterpreted even if it meant no harm to anybody (Stier, 2004). They should have related formally from the begging.


It all might not be what it seemed to be. It would be appropriate for the director not to propagate on the issue but only ask the board member for a little restraint, so as to find out what the real situation on the ground could be.


The director should talk to Jack in an attempt to discuss the issue since they can comfortably talk about it. However, this should be done without the director mentioning to Jack that the issue was of interest to one of the board members as Jack might shy away from opening up to the director.


For the director to be responsible, he must have known that there existed a mutually attractive relationship between the coaches, if it indeed existed. However, it is not his mandate to handle such issues since the human resource department would be suitable to handle it. This would exonerate the director from the liability created by the coaches (Stier, 2004).


There would be a substantial difference if the situation was to occur in a college set up. Otherwise, other factors withstanding, it would still be unprofessional to have intimate relationships between employees working for the same organization. The high schools comprise of minors who at this time experience the stage of self-realization and they could be easily influenced by what other people do (Stier, 2004). The perception of intimate relationships might not marry the students’ psychological set up now, and it would only result in distraction. On the other hand, most people in college are aware of intimate relationships and know-how to differentiate right from wicked.

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