Need help with my writing homework on Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Write a 1250 word paper answering; This theory rests on a number of several options, one of which is that uncertainty leads to cognitive discomfort that individuals will attempt to reduce. Primarily, the individual reduces tension by questioning the other party to collect as much information about them as they can (Dawkins, 2010). Also, information seeking is conducted via several developmental phases, which indicate shifts in the type and quality of information the individuals share. Berger and Calabrese offer several concepts that qualify these assumptions (Dawkins, 2010). First, high verbal output levels result in higher uncertainty reduction and communication intimacy levels, while nonverbal warmth in body language and gestures indicate a willingness to form relationships or communicate. Also, information seeking takes interactive or passive routes through conversation and observation, respectively. Another concept underlying these assumptions is self-disclosure, in which the individual divulges personal information to improve communication efficiency by reducing the other party’s uncertainty (Dawkins, 2010).

Moreover, those willing to reduce uncertainty will reciprocate behavior aimed at reducing tension from the other party, w. At the same time, individuals who find that they share interests tend to make them less uncertain about one another (Dawkins, 2010). Finally, feelings of preference and approval between parties speed up the process of uncertainty-reduction. Individuals, however, only feel the need for uncertainty reduction in certain situations. For example, the individual could seek information about others to reduce uncertainty if they anticipate future interaction, such as with co-workers. Additionally, individuals also seek information certainty about individuals they find eccentric and who do not conform to their social norms or expectations (Dawkins, 2010). Finally, individuals also desire information about other parties who have influence over their lives, such as social and health care workers.

In obtaining this information, an individual can use a passive strategy, in which they observe the other party in situations where the latter presents him/herself strategically, such as in a party (Det al, 2011). They can also obtain information actively, whereby they set up situations that the other party could be approached or observed.

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