Neonatal intensive Care Unit Admission and Maternal Postpartum Depression

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– There are two parts to this assignment. The Research Paper and the Research Presentation PowerPoint.

The Research Paper

-Below I have attached the information needed for the research paper. Answer all the questions from the Grading Rubric document based on the Research Paper Article. Use the article as the only reference for the paper. Use the Template document as a guide on how the essay is supposed to look. The paper will be a maximum full 4 typed, double-spaced pages in length excluding the cover and reference page; APA 7th Ed format. You must use a minimum of 12-point font either in Arial or Times New Roman format.

Research Presentation PowerPoint

– When the paper is complete, complete the research presentation using the template I have provided below in the Research Presentation Template word document. The research article and research paper is where you will get the information needed for the PowerPoint.

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