new week question 3

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The case study: “Panera Bread Company (2010): Still Rising Fortunes?”  will include a synopsis; using the Week 1 Addendum, identification of their resources, capabilities, and core competencies; and three findings of fact. Each finding of fact will require a justified solution, each a minimum of one page each. Support your recommended solutions with rational thought learned from the course material, other courses, and real-life experiences.

Synopsis: Should be 2-3 succinct paragraphs providing an overview of the case. This should be the first part of the case study submission.

Resources: Bulletized

Capabilities: Bulletized

Core Competencies: Bulletized. Ensure they are first listed as a resource or capability and meet all four of the required criteria: Rare, valuable, costly to imitate, non-substitutable

FOF: A strategic problem statement. What is one of the major strategic problems facing Dell at the end of the case’s time frame?

Recommendation/Justifications. This is an in-depth discussion of how you recommend Dell address the strategic problem you have identified. You should augment case data and course materials. You should also include an implementation discussion.

Panera bread company is a successful bakery-café known for its quality soups and sandwiches. Even though Panera revenues and net earnings have been rising rapidly, new unit expansion throughout north America has fueled this grow. Will revenue growth stop once expansion slows? The retirement of CEO Ronald Shaich, the master baker who created the starter for the company’s phenomenal growth, is an opportunity to rethink Panera’s growth strategy.

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