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  1. A short ( One paragraph) introduction summarizing the context for your paper and what you will be discussing in your paper.
  2. A detailed explanation of EACH of the five steps of the Theory Of Constraints, followed by a discussion of specific processes where it can be applied at NISSAN in the context of recovering from the tsunami.
  3. Overview of the seven components of Total Quality Management ( Benchmarking, JIT, ..) , then examples for the application of some ( or all ) of those concepts in the context of NISSAN and the case study.
  4. A data analysis cause and effect diagram ( you must create your own, do not copy and paste a diagram from any online source) assessing possible problems NISSAN can face in introducing a new product ( for example Electric vehicles, or any other new feature or product). Your graph must be followed by an analysis explaining the cause-effect relationships you have identified in it along with your findings.
  5. A detailed process map ( you must create your own process map do not copy a process map from any online source) showing the steps from the time the customer order is placed until the order is delivered and the time estimate for each step in days. Your graph should be followed by a discussion by how your map could be used by an Operation Manager to improve productivity and manage operations.
  6. A table showing your quantitative analysis and followed by your final decision as to where the new plant should be located and why ( based on the results of your numerical analysis) The textbook reading has an example on how to complete the calculations needed for the multi-factor decision making process.
  7. A short conclusion: summarize what you have discussed in your paper ( one paragraph) and add any concluding remarks.

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