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we are required to program a matlab script solving this problem, i’m just struggling with extracting the equation which i should use to build the program on

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The governing equations of the angles in question are: C Cos? ?C Cos? d d s s Sin? Sin? Sin? i s d ? ? C C C i s d Solve the problem using Newton-Raphson method (the one developed for these types of problems). Choose your initial guess, error bound, and anything you need. But, most importantly, present the formulation in detail, i.e., the solution steps with equations. Then develop MATLAB program to solve. In solving the resulting linear system (that is the one you get in the process of formulation) use the built in function as: theta=Ab …. A is the matrix and b is the right hand side vector. Check the norm of the function vector and state if the solution needs damping.


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