nursing informatics essay 6 8 pages need

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 I am currently taking a Nursing Informatics class online for my bachelors degree and need a 6 page scholarly in APA FORMAT with references and citations. Also a reference page at the end that is not included in the page total. paper on the following information due by november 30th 2013 at midnight. Only serious AND GOOD writers. 


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This essay is mainly regarding health care system computer operations: MAKE SURE TO HIT ALL THE KEY POINTS THAT ARE MENTIONED IN THE RUBRIC!

Name: M6A1: Scholarly Paper.
Instructions Scenario for Individual Graded Project

As a nurse leader, you have been asked to assess how a clinical documentation system functions in your nursing workplace setting. For this written assignment, address each of the elements noted below. This assignment is limited to 6-8 pages (excluding the title page, abstract and references), must be in the form of a scholarly paper, and reflects APA format. 

This scholarly paper addresses the elements noted below:

1.System and Setting Description (10 points)
1.Describe the clinical documentation system including its intended use and function.
2.Describe the type of the setting the system is used in and the clients served. 

2.Data Collection and System Analysis (10 points)
1.Describe how and when is the data collected? .
2.Identify who uses the data and how is it retrieved?.
3.Analyze if the system functions as intended?.
4.Analyze if the system supports the work of the clinicians (workflow)? 

3.Safety and Outcomes Analysis (25 points) 
1.Describe how the system supports patient safety and safe care environments..
2.Analyze the impact the system has on improving client outcomes..
3.Discuss the strengths and limitations the system has on supporting clinical decision making and promoting 
quality outcomes.

4.Evidence-Based Practice (20 points)
1.Explain how the data collected from this system can support and serve as the basis for the development of Evidence Based Practice standards of care and clinical practice guidelines. .

5.Collaboration and Information (20 points) 
1.Describe how the information generated by the system is or could be shared across healthcare disciplines..
2.Explain how the multidisciplinary exchange of information promotes collaboration and continuity of care.

6.Scholarly Paper (15 points)
1.Submit a well written scholarly paper that is confined to the page limit for this assignment and reflects proper use of APA format.

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