Nutrition Labeling

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In this assignment you will be looking at 6 different labels and recording the information that is found on them.While observing the labels, please think about how this information can be helpful.

  • Choose one food label for each of the five food groups found on MyPyramid.
  • In addition to the five food groups, choose a label from something like a candy bar or a Hostess Twinkie, something that doesn’t fit into the food pyramid.
  • For each of the 6 labels you are to provide the following information:
    • State what the product is
    • Determine serving size
    • Is this product nutrient dense or energy dense?
    • Number of calories per serving
    • Number of calories from fat
    • Total carbs
    • Total protein
    • Total fat
  • What are your feelings about the importance of labels?Did you look at them before this class?If so, what were you looking for?Will you look at them now?

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