Observation Instrument and Observer Instructions

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– PRESUME that you will be performing a research project on your topic and problem. You need accurate, valid, and reliable observations from a sample obtained from multiple sites by many co-investigators.

You will need to craft an ‘instrument’ or ‘tool’ to facilitate the observations of most interest to your study, and an accompanying training program for those surrogate /co-investigator.

Your goal is to assure inter-observer reliability, as well as overall reliability and validity of the observations.

Craft your instrument and instructions, and place them in the related assignment folder.

This particular assignment was to craft an observational tool for co-investigators or agents to record YOUR targeted behavioral observations of human subjects and the related instructions to the observers of what behaviors were meaningful to your analysis.

– My research topic is What have the Philadelphia residents done to prepare for the occurrence of a hurricane similar to Hurricane Irma in the near future?

– I will attach my literature review.

– I will attach many examples of paper to help you to do it.

– APA Style


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