Observe a 2-5 year old and answer questions.

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Your assignment begins by reading Chapter 9. You will need to apply information from the text to your observation write-up.

You will observe a preschool child between the ages of 2 and 5 years for at least one hour. The child must be less than 6 years old for this observation. It can be your own child, a neighbor, your niece or nephew, a child at a preschool ETC.

In the heading of your paper include the following information:

Observation date and time:

Facility/Location where the observation took place:

Location of observation (inside, outside, living room, park etc.):

Age of child:

(note: you do not need to include the child’s name for privacy)

1. In what stage of cognitive development is the child in according to Piaget? How do you know? Use the textbook for reference. Give 3 examples of behaviors that reflect the child’s developmental stage of cognitive growth.

Examples might be of a child using symbolic thought, showing egocentrism (in thinking), showing a grasp of numbers or using memory. Don’t just say “the child uses symbolic thought”. You must describe what you observed to support your statement.

2. How does the child use language? Give 3 examples of language used and evaluate the child’s language according to the textbook’s description for preschool age children. Indicate characteristics such as vocabulary, sentence structure, body language, private speech, social mediation, etc.

3. How did those around the child respond to the child’s use of language? Was the child understood? Was the communication effective? Was it valued?

4. List all the sources that you can where the child can hear and model language. What do you think are the most powerful influences? Why do you think so?

5. Describe a short sequence of the child’s play (approximately 10-15 minutes), using details to describe what you observe. What was the child learning through play? How was he/she learning? Refer to Piaget, Vygotsky, and other theories that you believe have been illustrated in the play sequence. 

Your observation should be 2 to 3 pages, typed and double spaced. Your observation must be proofread for grammar and spelling. If your observation is hard to read because of grammar and spelling errors you will receive a deduction of 5-15 points.

I will send you the chapter please use examples from the chapter and cite within the answer.

For example: (Berger, pg. 450) Berger is the author of the chapter I wil be sending you


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