Oj Simpson Case Project

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Based on the problem statement and the problem questions, you need to
collect and analyze the data to find your conclusions. Please choose
one of the two options:

This is a case study and the following two types of data can be applied:

  • Documents such as peer reviewed articles in magazines
  • Archival records such as police reports
  • Observations by yourself when examining videos or photos of the scene

Research question: How could the blood be on both sides of the sock found in OJ’s house if he wore the sock during the murder?

Analysis: Check your data and determine how many resources provided information to answer the question.

You can develop codes such as

Code1 He did not wear the socks Code 2 The blood was planted by detectives Code 3 He stepped in the blood
Saferstein Lee Google

After coding the data, you can develop a graph using excel as a visual aid for your findings.

Write one paragraph explaining your analysis and findings for each research questions.

Attached is the problem statement and research questions.


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