one paragraph discussion post –address the psychoanalytic aspects of this film

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I will provide link to ebook … if you watched the movie its better

must be about 15 sentences

After watching the film Lost in Translation (2003) ( please use the textbook chapter (especially the sections on “Spectatorship and the Gaze,” “The Other” and “Gender and the Gaze,” along with the assigned slides (.pdf), to address the psychoanalytic aspects of this film. Include in your post references to/definitions of/and instances of the gaze, the ideal subject and any other points relevant to this week’s material on the gaze.

Read – Chapter 4: Realism and Perspective: From Renaissance Painting to Digital Media pp. 139–178 & Chapter 5: Visual Technologies, Image Reproduction and the Copy pp. 179–218

Chapter 3: Modernity: Spectatorship, Power, and Knowledge pp 89-138

Chapter 6: Media in the Everyday Life pp. 219–256

You do not have to address all ideas related to this topic, but should focus on specific issues that resonate with you, and that help you make sense of the film, and the idea of the gaze. Make sure you are using concrete examples from the film to support your claims, and direct quotations or paraphrasing the textbook and/or slides to anchor your discussion. Don’t forget to define your terms and cite your sources. As with all discussion posts, make sure that you refer to the grading rubric to guide you. (10 points).

Discussion Grading Rubric available here:

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