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Hello all, Im seeking someone to answer some histrory questions for me. I have a total number of 120 questions that need to be answer. Im looking for someone with knowledge in US History. My rate for all question answered is from $2.00 to $4.00 a question, depending on qualification Thanks 🙂

Here are two example questions:

“I’m learning a lot about the Catholic Church and some of its critics,” Sally told her husband later that evening.

“What happened to the French and the Spanish in the New World?” Frank teased.

“It’s all tied together, Frank,” Sally explained. “These religious upheavals affected what was happening in the New World.”

“So, who was criticizing the church and why?”

Match each individual to the statement that exemplifies his criticism of the Catholic Church in the 1500s.

Martin Luther

Henry the VIII

John Calvin


“It is not the authority of the Catholic Church, nor the Pope, that shall determine the legitimacy of my lineage and descendants.”


“Faith and good works alone are not enough to earn God’s grace, and the Church stands between man’s nature and his eternal glory.”


“I will refuse to pay tithes as demanded by the Church because their purpose is not to glorify God but to line the pockets of the priests!”


“We must be allowed to read the Scriptures in our own language so that we are prepared to meet our God if we are chosen by Him for redemption.”


“How’s progress, honey?” asked Frank a few hours later.

“Well, I’m back in the New World again,” she answered. “I’m reading more about the interactions between the New and Old Worlds. Specifically, I’m looking at how Europeans and Native Americans interacted.”

Initial interactions between the Europeans and Native peoples altered Native Americans’ lives in all of the following ways EXCEPT __________.

  • Native Americans increased hunting of beaver and other animals to trade with Europeans.
  • Native Americans began to replace clay cookware with metal cookware.
  • Native tribes accepted Europeans’ ideas about private property and land ownership.
  • Native Americans refashioned European goods for other uses.
  • Tools provided by Europeans allowed native tribes to produce more shell beads.
  • Some Native Americans adopted European textiles and clothing.

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