Operational Plan and Mission Briefing Presentation

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Scenario: Locate a US suburban community of a larger metro area with at least a population of 1 million that is near rising terrain (>200′ MSL of the operations area) and where there are at least two airspace restrictions within 5NM. You will need to identify all of these in detail.— use “North Aurora, IL”

Choose and thoroughly explain and plan an sUAS mission that would require flight up to 400′ AGL. Utilize multi-copter and fixed-wing sUAS designs of your choice that are commercially available.— be simple and use Bebop 2 drone and Albatross drone.

Use the following parameters:

  • Weather planned to be overcast at 400′ AGL, however, reported weather for mission day will be what you find online for the day you write this report.
  • Visibility 4nm
  • Sunrise is 0600.

Address human factors elements in the appropriate place in your planning documents. You must address each of the following elements and how they could affect the mission, and why:

  • You have 50 hrs with each sUAS platform you plan to use.
  • Your last flight was one year ago in the fixed-wing model and last week on the multi-copter.
  • You live near Los Angeles and sea level.
  • You have a slight cold, are taking OTC medication (Tylenol), and have had plenty of rest.
  • You wear glasses.

Submission Requirements

The following must be covered:

  • Introduce mission.
  • Mission statement, desired outcome, keys to success, challenges
  • System, camera, and processing selections, and why they were selected
  • Concept of Operations, maps, FAA legalities (a few slides for this)
  • Support requirements, communications, and logistics
  • Safety assessment and processes, flight risk assessment matrix, emergency procedures,
  • Assessment (real-time post-processing software/techniques)
  • Challenges, limitations, and mitigations
  • Summary

this should be written like it is a briefing to your boss. the client is Abbey Farms. https://www.abbeyfarms.org/ and we are going to take areal pictures of the place

References for photos are below to be used in Appendix only and not in the main body

SkyVector. (2020). Retrieved from https://skyvector.com/

Skyward. (2020). Retrieved from https://app.skyward.io/#/map

Weather.com. (2020). Retrieved from https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/465830143a7cc…


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