organic chemistry polymers and biochemistry directions respond to the questi

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  1. Identify the class of each of the following compounds: 
    2. CH3CH=CHCH2CH3
    3. C2H5OC2H5
    5. (CH3)3COH
  2. How do the structures of primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols differ?
  3. Write the equation for the formation of an ester from acetic acid (CH3COOH) and ethanol (C2H5OH), and give its name.
  4. What is the role of sulfur in the vulcanization process?
  5. Which of these objects is chiral? 
    1. A baseball
    2. The human body
    3. A sphere
    4. A baseball glove
    5. Scissors
    6. The Statue of Liberty
    7. The Washington Monument
    8. A double helix
    9. A nucleotide
    10. Glycine
    11. Proline
  6. Describe how a surfactant such as a soap or detergent molecule works.
  7. What functional groups are always present in each molecule of an amino acid?
  8. Which of the following biochemical are polymers? 
    1. Starch
    2. Cellulose
    3. Glucose
    4. Fats
    5. Glycylalanylcysteine
    6. Proteins
    7. DNA
    8. RNA

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