Organizational Behavior and Management

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Read Chapters 10-11 in “Organizational Behavior and Management” (Konopaske et al., 2018)

Respond to the following discussion questions:

  1. Thinking back to a recent work group or team project in which you participated (Refer to the seven characteristics of effective team members presented in this chapter, p. 267-268), how effective were you as a team member? What behaviors did you engage in that contributed to your and the group’s effectiveness? What behaviors did you see in others that inspired or motivated you?
  2. What behaviors did you or others engage that slowed the group’s progress or outcome? If occurred, how conflict was resolved?

Respond with a substantive and succinct post of 250-350 words and make at least two substantive comments (50-100 words) to classmates’ posts. MAKE TWO COMMENT ON TWO OTHER POSTS WHEN YOU DONE WITH THE DISCUSSION POST

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