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For each question, be sure to discuss the reasoning behind your responses using the key topics from the Chapter 9, 11, &18 material that you feel are relevant.

Also, please relate specific information provided in the case to the Chapter 9, 11, &18 material.

1. Identify what you believe are the major sources of work-related eustress and distress in your organization. These can be at the individual job level or in general. (40 points)

2. In what specific ways do you feel power and politics in your organization relate to the sources of employee eustress and distress that you identified? (30 points)

3. If you were to identify poor performance or behavior from a subordinate, what approach would you take to communicate the ‘re-direction’ of such behavior given what you identified in Q1 & Q2? To answer this question, please describe what you feel is a common behavior observed in your organization that has or continues to require correction. Then, describe what communication approach you feel is or would be most effective in re-directing this behavior to one that is more positive (both operationally and/ or socially). (30 points)

The following attached is the material.


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