Paper Ethnographic Perspectives of the Everyday 5 pages

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Ethnographic Perspectives of the Everyday approx. 5 pages long


Choose one question from the following list and answer it fully. 

For this assignment please complete one of the two options listed below:

Only do Option 1 or 2.

Option 1

Identify, meet, and interview a person raised in a different cultural tradition from your own using the techniques you have learned from the ethnographic methodology section of module 1 in the course resources. Compare the topics discussed to ethnographic information about this same tradition from sources found through the Online Library. Discuss what you think are the strengths and weaknesses of this interview process.

Option 2

Choose a public setting to observe that you are unfamiliar with. Some suggestions are a store, beauty shop or barber shop, restaurant, train or bus station, airport, religious service, or sports event.

      • Observe your setting at least twice for at least an hour each time.
      • Describe the physical and social setting you are studying; i.e., the location, details about the objects in the setting, the persons involved, and any other defining aspects of the situation.
      • Describe behaviors you observe that either follow or violate cultural “rules” for that particular setting.

For both options 1 and 2:

      • Describe what you learned about the person or the cultural scene.
      • Describe what is important or interesting about what you learned.
      • Describe your reactions to being an “outsider.”
      • Explain whether your perceptions changed as a result of your interview or observations. If so, how did they change?
      • Explain the ways in which your findings (what you learned) relate to the concepts presented in the course materials.

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