Parenting today essay on Parent accountability for crimes committed by children

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Students Will select a controversial topic in parenting and explore this topic from a multidisciplinary perspective using information gathered from reliable government websites and peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

You will examine why the topic is relevant in modern parenting and identify the psychological, sociological, cross-cultural, And legal/policy issues associated with the topic. You will also apply your knowledge of parenting theory to explain why this issue is important to today’s parent Using the information you have gathered on your topic, you are to write an essay that summarizes what the social science literature says about your topic. Note that the criteria for your essay are very similar to what is expected in your final presentation, so this will prepare you well for your final assignment.

Your essay should be about 1500 words and follow APA style (6th edition). Be sure to use in-text citations and include a reference list

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