Personal psychology

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This does not have to be a lengthy reply, just a paragraph will do. Also respond to the professors discussion post below, what are your thoughts?

Much of what Freud said was not only odd but also wrong. But some of his ideas might have been right.

Regardless, Freud is almost as popular today as he was at the time of his death, which says a great deal since he died more than 80 years ago. Many people treat him as someone possessing the absolute truth, almost someone with cult-like status.

Why do you think he is so popular today so long after his death? Was there enough truth or usefulness in Freud to keep his ideas around? Do you think he said much that was true?

As always, there are no right or wrong answers. The goal is for you to justify your answer, think about what others say, and comment appropriately.

Professors post *** As much as I try to get away from Freud’s ideas, I find that as a therapist, they do have some value. They may not apply to more normal people. But many people I have seen in a clinical context actually do seem to fit into his framework, as odd as that sounds.

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