Personalty Analysist

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Describe your personality, describing who you are right now (not your desired personality). Consider emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral, motivational, and other relevant elements of your personality. Use your textbook as a reference if needed. Include some characteristics that (a) you share with some other people, although perhaps varying in intensity; and some characteristics that (b) seem unique to you. In other words, your description will include personality characteristics you believe can apply to (a) many people, or groups of people of a shared gender, age, cultural membership, shared interests, and b) to you as a completely unique individual. Papers should be typed and double-spaced. Papers will be graded on the correct application of the material learned in class, the clarity of writing (including grammar and spelling). Please proofread your report. Papers should be at least 3 pages of text. If you use references including your text, you must cite them in the report and reference them at the end of the report. Use APA style. Grammar, punctuation spelling and clarity will account for 30% of your grad

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