Persuasion, peacemaking, and a Psychological Retrospective, discussion help

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Question A: Persuasion is a way to get a message across and to persuade people in all areas of life.  Persuasion is made up of four elements, with the first being The Communicator.  What are the other 3 elements of persuasion?  Please explain each element.

Question B: What are the four Cs of peacemaking?  Which do you think is most influential in resolving conflicts?

Question C: 

Take the challenge using the elements of persuasion!

I want to offer you a challenge regarding the Week 4 discussions.  Choose an ad from the internet or one that you have seen on TV to showcase one of the elements of persuasion.  Describe the ad or provide a link to the ad.  Explain which element of persuasion your ad showcases and explain the reasons the ad showcases the element of persuasion.

Question D:  Film Obeying or resisting Authority: A Psychological Retrospective

Question E: Describe the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking.

Question F: Assess the effects of persuasion on the individual.

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