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As you’ve read this week in Chapter 2, organizational development and strategic planning go hand-in-hand. The overarching organizational strategy deals with the company’s mission, external environmental factors and internal resources. This week I want you to take a look at the importance of organizational development in small, medium or large sized companies. Then look at the importance of facilitating change management through the training function and how you have to overcome resistance to change.

This week do the following:

  • Appraise the importance of the OD field in terms of its benefits in increasing business performance.
  • Compare and contrast the internal levels of change and resistance, and then conclude which level would be the most difficult to address. See pages 36-38 in your text for additional information regarding change management. Justify your rationale with specific examples.

For more information on change management in the training world, watch this video that addresses 10 common principles of change management:

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