Please help me to answer 4 questions

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After read all the materials I provided below to answer 4 questions (I have put the link below for the two article that need to read and uploaded the content of course material). The questions are in the document named “4 question”, and please use this document to answer the 4 question. You will also need to read the articles named “Dayton Ponzi Schem” and “ORC Title 29” in order to answer the questions (I have put the links below named). The file named “Criminal Law” is the chapter 6 of the text book which is what I am learning right now (I have upload below).

The link for Dayton Ponzi Scheme:–law/bernie-madoff-dayton-ordered-serve-years-and-pay-back-32m/V3Q6lswVHQyYwrxKpqV5pM/

The link for ORC Title 29:

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