Podcast of choice w 4 questions

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Throughout this course you will listen to an episode of National Public Radio’s How I Built This to get a better understanding of what it’s like to start a successful company. For these assignments, you will choose a podcast from the list below and answer the questions in the quiz.

  • Podcast Analyses are due by Sunday night at midnight.
  • You should write 4-10 sentences per question (not including the first question) for full credit. Think through your analysis with a critical lens and provide a substantive answer to the questions.
  • For this assignment, please choose one (1) from the following podcasts:

Steve Madden: Steve Madden (2018) (Links to an external site.)

Live From The HIBT Summit: Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger Of Instagram (Links to an external site.)

Minted: Mariam Naficy (Links to an external site.)

FUBU: Daymond John (Links to an external site.)

Dippin’ Dots: Curt Jones (Links to an external site.)

Allbirds: Tim Brown & Joey Zwillinger


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